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Cyberfleet Integrated Limited is a fast growing IT and networking company churning out innovative products and solutions tailored to the client's specifics. The drive behind the establishment of this company was to bridge the widening gap that exists in internet connectivity among residents on campus and develop path-breaking campus solutions that consolidates the interaction between students and lecturers which birthed klasconnect - a proprietary solution of the company aimed at creating a learning ecosystem across campuses in Nigeria. Our major sphere of operation is the Edutech industry where we hope to leverage our range of services to redefine the approach, pattern and ease of learning.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of digital technology and IT related services via innovative and creative ways tailored to clients specific.

Customer Satisfaction

We place so much premium value on customer excellence during and beyond project execution ensuring our clients achieve the business objectives in a mutual consent.

Our Mission

By providing top notch IT solutions leveraging on modern technologies by proficient and creative IT professionals


Cyberfleet has a team of seasoned industry IT experts with spanning experience abound in software development, network systems and IT security coupled with a formidable business development team championing the creation of innovative products in the Edutech industry.


We possess a network design savvy team with so much dexterity in network audit and specification for businesses prior to design of a robust network architecture for both LAN and WAN system.


We have a powerful team that engages in the development of Responsive websites and web applications leveraging on various web development framework with salient peculiarities of individual clients.


We currently boast of a team with exhaustive experience in firewall deployment and setup,installation of Anti Malware and Spyware with routine vulnerability scan added to flexible options dependent on the size of the organization across security equipment vendors such as Cisco, Cyber roam and Fortigate etc.


The soaring global population which is a premise for the growing demand for internet connectivity cannot be overestimated. The need is tremendously needed in the Universities where students and lecturers can harness this connection for easy access to course materials and real time collaboration.


We set up a campus wide area network for institutions in both high school and tertiary category with proper routing based on schools, traffic isolation and latency reduction, real time network performance monitoring for high availability, multiple redundant site for failover in the quest towards reliability and a high speed broadband access for seamless connectivity.


Development of Android apps for mobile convenient access for our varying customers after deployment of the secured web solution.

Introducing Klasconnect

Don't miss out on any coursework, projects with Klasconnect Campus App. KlasConnect is a revolutionary learning management system that aims to make interaction between lecturers and students easier via seamless interfaces, making education a better experience.

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Bello Adesoji

Managing Partner

Ahmad Isiaka


Akinbiyi Usman Olanrewaju

Operations Manager

Chidi Henry

Business Manager (South Region)

Segun Hassan

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